Trans Canada Trail: Part 3 (Ogden to Salmon River Lake)

From Route 16 in Guysborough, take the first exit on your right to Larry’s River. On your immediate right is an old road towards Ogden. Approximately 10 km along you will notice the trail pick up on your right. You can park your vehicle on the road side.

Special Features:

A sense of days gone by and potential growth flavour this route along the old cut for the railroad. The railbed along the Trans Canada Trail in Guysborough County was constructed between 1929 and 1931, including concrete abutments for bridges, although rails were never laid and bridges never built.

Length: 9.5 km one-way
Time: 3.5 Hours
Type: Groomed trail, old rail bed
Facilities: Benches, garbage cans
Nearby: Town of Guysborough
Rating: 2


Visit Guysborough: Trans Canad TrailA sign where the trail meets the road indicates that this is a section of the Trans Canada Trail. A well-groomed 5-ft wide path weaves through the trees dating back 70 years. Maples are prevalent and contribute to the vibrancy of deep gold and red hues during the autumn months. At times the path detours from the original rail bed due to decades of erosion and flooding. Signs along the path soon indicate the Ogden Round Lake Wilderness protected area. Usually privately owned and fragmented by development, this section of undisturbed, immature oldgrowth on rich soil is a rare treasure. Nearing the site of the Hippie camp, you will cross the North Branch of the Salmon River, where a quaint footbridge carries you over the flowing waters beside the massive concrete structures now engulfed in moss and vines. As an embankment rises to your right, you will soon come upon the Hippie Cabin. In the early 1970’s, an American conscientious objector and his wife lived along this small plateau of land, growing vegetables, raising chickens, goats, and rabbits, and constructing shoes for sale out of tire rubber. Subsisting on a $2.17 government allowance, they had two children born while they lived there and survived this way for two complete winters before leaving. Carefully climbing the hill, you will be amazed at the small size of the round structure, which was built with great efficiency for the main purpose of providing warmth and shelter from harsh weather. Please do not disturb the fragile remains which are faithfully entrusted in our care as a respecting public.

The trail is well labeled throughout with signs indicating the close proximity of traffic, and soon opens upon the highway at Salmon River Lake, across from a church where a pick-up vehicle may be conveniently placed.

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