Trans Canada Trail: Part 2 (Salmon River Bridge to Ogden)

From the Trans Canada Highway take exit 37 to Monastery and Guysborough. Once past Monastery take the exit onto Route 16 towards the town of Guysborough. Once in the town travel to the intersection at Pleasant Street and the Route 16 highway. At this intersection turn left and drive until you come to the Larry’s River turn off. Travel this road until you cross the iron bridge that spans the Salmon River. Once over this bridge you will see a good place to park your vehicle as well as the signage marking the continuation of the Trans Canada Trail.

Special Features:

This portion of the Trans Canada Trail passes through some of Guysborough County’s most significant and interesting geological formations such as the Sugarloaf that is formed of basalt rock and derives from the Acadian Orogeny of 420 million years ago. This portion of the trail passes along side of the famous Salmon River and leads you to the recently constructed 60- foot McAllister suspension bridge.

Length: 8.5 km one-way
Time: 3.5 Hours
Type: Groomed path, old rail bed
Facilities: Benches, garbage cans
Nearby: Town of Guysborough
Rating: 2


Visit Guysborough; Trans Canad TrailFrom the paved road you will see the head of the Trans Canada Trail. There is a slight incline leading to a level plateau that is a nicely groomed trail. To the right you will hear the gurgling of the Salmon River and will pass several serene salmon pools. The left side of this trail consists of a small bank along which small water falls flow draining into the river. Shortly into this hike you will come upon a steeply ascending peak that is known as the Sugarloaf. This is a great display of some of the fascinating geological formations that may be seen throughout Guysborough County, with interpretive signage that describes this formation. There are also small signs all along the trail marking kilometers traveled. Continuing on, the path remains predominantly level and you will come to a small hut that was built and is maintained by local snowmobile enthusiasts. You may go inside and sign the guest book, but please respect these premises.

Across the trail from the snowmobile hut is the only outhouse along the route. Continuing on you will eventually come to the McAllister suspension bridge. With a spectacular view of the Salmon River from this bridge especially in Fall, you may encounter a variety of wildlife. From the bridge you will travel approximately another kilometer reaching the main paved road once again. At this point you have reached Ogden.

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