Sonora Point to Fury Wreck

Located on Highway 7 between Sherbrooke Village and the community of Liscomb is Gegogan Road. Traveling this road you will pass by a local landfill site. Continue past this site and traverse the road for approximately 10 km until you arrive at an iron gate. Although this is a public access road, local residents have it gated for security reasons. You may park outside this gate and begin your hike at this point. Once past the gate you will come to another road on the right. Follow this road and head toward the shoreline.

Special Features:

The most fascinating feature of this hike is the shipwreck Fury. On December 2nd, 1964 a strong gale blew the Fury onto a land bar just off the coast of Gegogan Point. Stranded, the Fury remains in its final resting place to this day. A large steel hulled freighter, the Fury had a gross tonnage of 3000. At the time of its demise, the Fury’s Captain Pateras was sailing from Quebec City to Newfoundland. The ship was built in Homburg, Germany in 1944 but was registered to Libya in 1964. All of the people on board the Fury survived, simply simply walked from the ship onto the nearby beach. The Fury can still be accessed today at low tide.

Length: 6 km return
Time: 3 Hours
Type: Coastal, beach rock
Facilities: None
Nearby: Liscomb, Sherbrooke
Rating: 3 (large rocks)


pic_sonorapointtofuryLeaving your vehicle, you will climb over the iron gate that serves as a roadblock to unknown vehicular traffic, and walk along the first road branching off to your right. following this dirt road, you will next veer off to the left, walking through the tall beach grass to the rocky coastline. Upon reaching the beach, follow the shoreline to your left. Although this hike is a short distance of 6 km return, the rocky condition of the beach may slow your course significantly. Along the route you will have a spectacular view of the crashing Atlantic Ocean to your right and eroding bluffs to your left, which may be an ideal place for fossil hounding. There remains a great deal of evidence along the beach, as a reminder of the spectacle you are about to behold. Tattered structural components, and rusted iron megaliths pay tribute to the Fury and remind us of the ocean’s wrath. Continuing on you will round Burns Point and placing you in view of the wreck. Loose rocks being tossed by ocean forces, have created a natural ridge atop which you will balance as you make your way to the land bar where the disintegrating Fury is beached. You may either retrace your path on your return, or opt to climb the grassy hill overlooking the bay, where you will find a dirt road linking you to the road where your vehicle is parked.

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