Salmon River Paddle Route

From the village of Guysborough, follow Route 16 east to the Larrys River turn off, where you will turn right onto the road to Larrys River. Approximately 200 metres along, turn right toward Country Harbour. Continue 18 km to the iron bridge at Salmon River Lake where you will launch your boat.

Special Features:

This breathtaking paddle traverses one of Guysborough County’s longest and most historic rivers. During the 1920s, the Salmon River was a major logging route to Cooks Cove, where several saw mills were located. Here, large ships awaited their loads of timber for transport along the Eastern Seaboard and to South America. The last log drive down this river occurred in 1947, by the Minas Basin Company. Although narrow, this river is deep enough to provide great snorkeling opportunities along its entire length. Paddling this route is best during
the early spring and late fall, as water levels tend to fluctuate.

Length: 26 km one way
Time: Full Day
Type: Freshwater river
Facilities: None
Nearby: Village of Guysborough
Rating: Experienced


Visit Guysborough: Salmon RiverEntering the water at the Salmon River Lake bridge, paddle east, flowing with the natural current of the river. The passage alternately widens and narrows as it twists and winds its way through beautiful wilderness country. Often swinging across and alongside the Trans Canada Trail, the river occasionally finds sanctuary beneath a canopy of trees. As you move along, be watchful for the variety of wildlife that depend on this river for survival, including deer, moose, black bears, hawks, eagles and rabbits. Ambling down river, you will soon be paddling between the settlements of North Ogden and Ogden where the river occasionally widens, forming several salmon pools. Passing under the McAllister suspension bridge at Ogden, continue to the settlement of West Roachvale, where homes are visible along the shoreline. En route to the next settlement of Roachvale, there are four prominent islands located mid-river which tempt an explorative spirit. Along the final 3 km stretch beyond Roachvale, you will arrive at the Salmon Hole, a popular local swimming spot and a good place to catch a glimpse of the great Atlantic salmon. From the Salmon Hole you will pass the Dickies Brook power station and travel behind Hortons Cove. Use caution in this area as this portion of the river is tidal and seaweed often crowds the water. Follow the natural channel towards the open Atlantic ocean, passing under an iron bridge that spans Route 16, and landing your boat at Salmon River Beach. A return trip is not recommended, as the current in this river is strong and steady. A pick up vehicle can be parked in the beach parking area. Salmon River

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