New Harbour River Paddle Route

From the village of Guysborough, follow route 16 approximately 2 km to the Larrys River turn off, where you will turn right onto the road to Larrys River. When you arrive at a dirt road on the right labeled New Harbour, turn onto this road traveling approximately 15 km to an intersection where a sign directs you to Middle New Harbour. Turn right and travel 300 metres to a grassy boat launch area.

Special Features:

Along this paddle route you will see cottages and homes snuggled into the riverbanks. At one time this portion of the New Harbour River was used for logging and boat building. There are remnants of an old mill and other historic dwellings. The small community that exists along the shores of this river has persisted through time despite their remote location.

Length: 5 km return
Time: 5 Hours
Type: tidal, salt water river
Facilities: none
Nearby: Larry’s River
Rating: Novice


Visit Guysborough: New Harbour RiverLeaving the boat launch area, travel up the river towards a small island. Immediately to the left is a bridge, easily passed under by boat. This will lead you to another portion of the river which opens into the Atlantic Ocean and the white sands of New Harbour beach. This paddle route however, asks you to continue paddling past the bridge to more remote reaches of the river.

Along the river’s edge, steep wilderness hills descend to greet the water, providing a sheltered and protected feeling as you pass through this lush and beautiful river valley. Continuing on, and rounding a small island on your left, you will enter a sheltered cove, where you can paddle to a quaint gurgling waterfall that was once used in the operation of an historic sawmill. After exploring this cove, you will enter the ‘narrows’ of the river. The water here is initially very deep, and is the perfect place to witness eagles, hawks, deer and moose. Once past the last few cottages the water becomes shallow, and you must use caution to avoid any obstacles such as tree stumps and rocks. The last navigable leg of the river becomes very serene as the river flows gently. It is at this point where you will experience true isolation. The water is shallow and clean yet very dark as a result of the overhanging trees. The surrounding woods are at arms length as you paddle along each twist and turn of the narrow passage, to discover what lies around each new bend. This is the perfect place to take some beautiful photos. On your return trip travel back toward the boat launch and enjoy one last glimpse of this pristine wilderness area.

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