Visit Antigonish and Guysborough 2015 Map

2015 marks the fourth year for the Walking Map of Antigonish – and this year the map is even bigger then ever! Double the size from four pages to eight, this year we will be including coverage of Antigonish and Guysborough Counties, in addition to highlighting the towns of Sherbrooke, Guysborough, and Canso.


This years map is bigger then ever and includes additional coverage outside of the Town of Antigonish.

  1. NEW! The Cover includes a detailed map of Antigonish & Guysborough Counties and stretches from the Ferry terminal in Pictou to St. Peters in Cape Breton.  The additional coverage will allow us to identify locations for advertisers off the beaten path and give travellers perspective on how easy it is to travel to Guysborough or Antigonish while in the province.
    2015 Walking Map Cover
  2. Pages Two & Three show the maps of James Street and Main Street in Antigonish.  Having the two side by side allows folks to better understand the shopping and dining opportunities available to them.
    2015 Walking Map Pages 2-3
  3. Pages Three & Four display the overview of the Town of Antigonish, including the new rotaries and twinned highways, just as we did last year.  A great way to help guests navigate off the Trans-Canada, these pages also allow us to showcase advertisers not located on James Street or Main Street.
    2015 Walking Map Pages 4-5
  4. NEW! Another new addition to the map, Pages Five & Six show a street level map of the towns of Guysborough, Canso, and Sherbrooke. When used in conjunction with the Cover map, these pages allow visitors to confidently navigate to these towns and plan a fun-filled trip along the way.
    2015 Walking Map Pages 6-7


This year will mark the first year where we will not be distributing the map through the Highland Heart Weekly. In past years we have included a copy of the map in each issue of the paper for eight weeks during the height of the tourist season. While certainly a great way to distribute the paper, it limited our exposure to those people travelling through Antigonish Town.

To see a map detailing the locations that will be carrying the map click here.

In addition to the noted locations we will also be distributing the map at the 2015 Antigonish Highland Games.


We will be printing 25,000 copies of the Walking Map this year with the first run being distributed on May 1st. Following print runs will be completed on May 8th, May 25th, and June 8th as more seasonal locations open for the year. Maps will be distributed at the first of the season to get the maximum number in the hands of visitors. Maps sitting in a box do no one any good.

Advertising Rates

The Walking Map has always been a great success thanks to the support of our advertisers and we invite you to take part once again this year. The increase in the number of pages in the map allows us to both increase the volume of maps printed and keep advertising rates low at the same time. We are also able to introduce two new ad sizes and locations for this year.

 Location Size
(single block)
Price / ad block
Cover – Top (fold open view of Antigonish & Guys. Counties) 2 x 2.5″ $350.00 + HST
Cover – Bottom (view of Antigonish & Guys. Counties) 5 x 1.4″ $385.00 + HST
Pages 2-3 (James Street / Main Street, Antigonish) 2.5 x 2″ $315.00 + HST
Pages 4-5 (Town of Antigonish Overview) 2.5 x 2″ $315.00 + HST
Page 6-7 (Towns of Canso, Guysborough, & Sherbrooke) 2.5 x 2″ $315.00 + HST

Advertisement Placement Policy

In an effort to be as fair as possible to all interested parties, advertising spots will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.  Advertisers from previous years were contacted first, followed by new advertisers.

  1. You can pick the section you wish to have your ad displayed in as listed in the above section, Advertising Rates.
  2. Once confirmed, your ad will always be displayed in that section.
  3. Every time we print the map your ad will be placed randomly within that section.
  4. We will be printing the map in four waves, therefore your ad will be in four different positions (excepting those ads in the Cover – Bottom section which only have two positions)

What’s in a Name?

For the last three years our map has been referred to as the ‘Walking Map of Antigonish’. Now that the map encompases all of Antigonish and Guysborough Counties that name is no longer fitting. We have a few different options under consideration but until we come to a final decision we will still be referring to the map as the “Walking Map”.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments regarding this years map, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. I can reached by email at or by phone at 902-735-5251 during regular office hours (Monday-Thursday from 830am to 430pm and Fridays from 830am to 130pm).