Lundy Fire Tower Trail

Traveling east on Hwy 16 from Guysborough, turn right at the junction with Hwy 401. Traveling approximately 7 km toward Larry’s River on Hwy 401, you will reach a sign on the left indicating the route to the fire tower. Park your vehicle off to the side.

Special Features:

With names reminiscent of the Acadians who returned following the expulsion, Lundy is one of the many small French communities of Guysborough County. The Lundy fire tower, at 236 meters above sea level, gives a spectacular panoramic view of the Canso Barrens, Chedabucto Bay, Guysborough and many inland lakes.

Length: 4 km return
Time: 2.5 Hours
Type: GravelĀ road
Facilities: Garbage cans, toilets
Nearby: Village of Guysborough, Larry’s River
Rating: 3 (steep incline)



Visit Guysborough: Lundy Fire TowerThe road to the fire tower is a choppy gravel and rock road which is recommended to be hiked but may be traversed by 4WD and AT vehicles. As the initial portion of the road passes through a Christmas tree plantation, please be sure to respect the private ownership of this property. The hill is a steady climb, but has no steep inclines and is an easy straight forward like. As you near the summit, you will be surrounded by fields of wild berries through which granite erratics rise. At the top of the road, on the edge of the Bonnet Lake Barrens Wilderness Protected Area, you will see the manned fire tower and communication tower. Pathways take you further into the field where you may clamber upon the granite boulders. A marvelous 360 degree view spreads out before you. You will see Chedabucto Bay, Tor Bay, Isle Madame, the Salmon River and the Roman Valley River. On a clear day you can see as far as 50 km. Take along a map and discover how many locations you can identify.

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