Indian Harbour Lake Paddle Route

From Sherbrooke Village travel east on Highway 7 toward Antigonish. Once through Sherbrooke a sign directs you to Port Bickerton. Turn right at this sign and travel 9.2 km to Indian Harbour Lake. There you will see a restaurant at the entrance to Jigs and Reels Road. Turn right and follow this road until you come to the intersection at Ragged Ass Road. At this point turn right and travel down a grassy path that leads to a boat launch area.

Special Features:

At one time, the area occupied by Indian Harbour Lake consisted entirely of salt water. During times of stormy weather, the surrounding lands would flood, and in 1930 the residents of the area manually altered the route of this waterway. A bar of land was constructed that today houses Port Hilford Beach, and was used to dam the lake behind Indian Harbour. Today this lake is one of Guysborough County’s most pristine cottage country retreats.

Length: 9.4 km return
Time: 5 Hours
Type: Freshwater Lake
Facilities: None
Nearby: Port Bickerton, Sherbrooke
Rating: Novice


Visit Guysborough: Indian Harbour LakeUpon leaving the boat launch area follow the shoreline to your left. This lake is long and narrow and is lined with beautiful cottages and year round homes. The water in this lake is the colour of deeply brewed tea, which is typical of fresh water lakes in Nova Scotia and is a result of humic acid and decaying leaves. Approximately mid-way along the length of this lake you will encounter a small island consisting mainly of tall grass. Caution should be used in this area, as the water surrounding the island is quite shallow. Nearing the end of the lake you will pass by an old cemetery as you enter into a grassy area. Directly in front of you is a large wooded causeway with tall thickly clustered evergreen trees. It is at this point that you can hear the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean that is only a stones throw away. It is possible to get out of your boat at this point and venture to the ocean side at Port Hilford beach. The view from here is spectacular as you gaze out over Indian Harbour. It is not uncommon to see eagles, hawks, sea gulls and varieties of fish along this route. On your return trip you may want to travel along the opposite shoreline and have a closer look at some of the cottage retreats that span the length of the lake. Once near the boat launch area you can continue past a small point of land and enter into an open and serene cove. There are islands in this area that are great for exploring.

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