Hazel Hill Lake Paddle Route

From the village of Guysborough follow route 16 toward the town of Canso. En route to Canso, you will enter the community of Hazel Hill. Once there, locate the local curling arena (along the main stretch) where you may park your vehicle. Behind the arena, is Hazel Hill Lake and the perfect place to put your boat in the water.

Special Features:

The village of Hazel Hill is home to the historic Trans Atlantic Cable Building that was built in 1884 by J. W. Mackay and J. Gordon Bennett of the Commercial Cable Company. Until its closing in 1962, the operation of this company was integral to global communications and played an important role in many historical events, including the rescue efforts of the Titanic and World War I. Hazel Hill will be forever remembered because of the role this area played in our international history.

Length: 6 km loop
Time: 4 Hours
Type: Freshwater lake
Facilities: None
Nearby: Canso
Rating: Novice


Visit Guysborough: Hazel Hill LakeUpon entering the lake, paddle in a southerly direction, following the shoreline. This leads you into the calm waters of a cove where two islands may be explored. From this cove, head in a westerly direction. Along this portion of the route you will find several smaller inlets. This area gives a sense of remoteness and you may witness eagles, terns, hawks and several varieties of fresh water fish. Heading northwest you will come upon a point of land. This parcel marks the halfway point of the paddle route. On the second leg of this trip you will have the opportunity to further explore the beauty of this lake’s shoreline. There are many opportunities to take photographs and an abundance of great places to stop for a break. Paddling back towards the launch site, the Trans Atlantic Cable building stands sentinel upon a summit overlooking the water. Though weathered, and crumbling,it stands strong in spirit and whispers haunting reminders of the early beginnings of long distance communication.

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