Guysborough Waterfront to Milford Haven River Paddle Route

From the TC 104, take exit 37 to Monastery and Guysborough onto Route 16. Follow this road into the village of Guysborough onto Main Street. Proceed to the end of Main Street where you will turn right onto the Church Street extension. At the bottom of a short hill is a small cove that is the perfect place to put your boat in the water.

Special Features:

Guysborough, the shire town and county’s namesake, was settled by a group of American Loyalists headed by Sir Guy Carleton in 1784. With a vast cultural and industrial history, this site was occupied by Mi’kmaq, Acadian, French, German and British peoples prior to this time. In more recent years the historic Guysborough waterfront has been restored giving new life to the old buildings, in an attempt to preserve Guysborough’s mercantile history and to encourage travelers to visit. The area through which the Milford Haven River flows, was a traditional logging route and is one of few tidal rivers in the county.

Length: 17 km, one-way
Time: Full day
Type: Tidal, saltwater river, harbour
Facilities: Garbage cans, picnic tables, toilets at Guysborough waterfront and Boylston Provincial Park
Nearby: Boylston, village of Guysborough
Rating: Intermediate


pic_guyswaterfrontomilfordhavenLaunching your boat, you will exit the cove, rounding a small point of land to your left. Paddling toward the Guysborough marina and waterfront development, you will soon have a terrific view of the village of Guysborough. Little Island can be seen ahead to your right where clusters of cormorants, locally known as shags, have made their home. As a consequence of these bird habitations, many of the island’s trees are dead due to their prolonged exposure to bird feces. Along this entire route farms, fields and woodlands greet the shoreline. Once past the village you will arrive at Big Island, and the rolling green grass of the Osprey Shores golf course. Continuing on, you will arrive at Priest Island, which is included as a portion of Boylston Provincial Park and is connected to the mainland via a small causeway. This is the perfect place to have lunch and explore the walking trail encircling the island. Beyond this island, the harbour narrows significantly, and becomes the Milford Haven River. On your approach to the Boylston Bridge, caution must be exercised, as strong tidal currents are often at play. Once under the bridge you glide along slow moving waters which eventually widen providing you with a spectacular view of rolling hills and fields. At the river’s end, you will arrive at grassy tidal flats, where caution must be used, as the grass can prove tricky even to the most experienced paddler. The exit to this paddle route lies approximately 400 metres before the river’s end at a small grassy launch area.

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