Glasgow Head to Little Dover Paddle Route

From the village of Guysborough, follow Route 16 into the town of Canso. Continue down Main Street, turn right onto Union Street, and travel approximately 3 km to Glasgow Head where you will arrive at a sheltered cove to the left at Betsy’s Beach.

Special Features:

Glasgow Head is historically known as a Direction Finding Station since 1917, and recently known as a popular swimming spot for residents of Canso, and as a campsite for those enjoying the annual Stan Rogers Festival. Along this paddle route, you will enjoy a view of the Canso Coastal Barrens Wilderness Area, granite coves, beautiful “teal” waters, fishing huts, nearby Chapel Gully hiking trail, and relics of the Western Union Company and the Commercial Cable Company in Canso & Hazel Hill.

Length: 12 km, one-way
Time: 5 hours
Type: Tidal, saltwater, ocean
Facilities: None
Nearby: Canso
Rating: Intermediate *** due to tides and exposure to weather,caution must be used
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Visit Guysborough: Glassgow Head to Little DoverLeaving Glasgow Head you will have a clear view of Cranberry Island, where a lighthouse was built in 1816 to serve the fishermen moving between Canso and the fishing grounds. Rounding Betsys Point, you will have the opportunity to view pods of curious seals who may playfully follow while in this sheltered cove. As you next traverse Andrews Passage, a granite bottom allows a clear view of the wondrous ocean flora and fauna. While traversing this passage you will begin to gain a view of the open ocean. Looking to the far left, you may see the Canso Islands, and to the right, sheltered coves such as Three Island cove, Portage cove, and Negrowac Cove which are a must to explore. The water along this route remains shallow, and there are shoals and small islands upon which tufts of grass and scraggy trees cling for life. Any one of these islands is the perfect spot to stop for a rest. Continuing on and rounding Madeline Point you will arrive at Little Dover Run. The village of Little Dover is sustained by an unrelenting determination of its people for whom fishing is almost second nature. Landing your boat on the inside of a man made breakwater there is a lovely park, Black Duck Cove, to be enjoyed.

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