Drum Head to Coddles Harbour Paddle Route

From the village of Guysborough, follow route 16 approximately 2 km to the Larrys River turn off, where you will turn right onto the road to Larrys River. Where route 16 intersects with route 316, turn right traveling toward Goldboro. Prior to Goldboro you will arrive at Drum Head where Wharf Road leads you to a breakwater, which is a prime spot to launch your boat.

Special Features:

In Drum Head the most significant settlement was established during the mid 1800’s. It is known that the first settlers to arrive were a man and his family who were forced to live their first winter in a hole they dug in the ground. The people who came to this area sustained themselves predominantly by fishing and boat building. The man-made breakwaters still existing today, were built in the 1950’s and served to protect this small fishing community from the intense Atlantic tides. Along this route you will pass by Country Island, which to this day, houses an historic marine aid station and is a popular venue for bird researchers. Coddles Harbour is home to Money, where, legend has it, a large sum of money was once buried.

Length: 7.6 km, one way
Time: 5 Hours
Type: Tidal, saltwater, ocean
Facilities: None
Nearby: Stormont, Larrys River
Rating: Intermediate
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Vist Guysborough: Drum Head to Coddles HarbourRounding the Drum Head breakwater, paddle east, passing between Harbour Island and Burk Point. Granite barrens stretch for miles along the shore, which give a sense of remoteness. Amid the rugged beauty of these barrens you may witness bald eagles, terns, hawks, deer and coyotes. Continuing on you will arrive in Seal Harbour, where, on your left are remnants of an historic breakwater. It was in this area where a small community once thrived as well as a prosperous lobster factory and fish drying plant. In Seal Harbour there are several islands to explore as well as sand beaches that are exposed during low tide. Any one of these islands would be the perfect place to stop and have lunch or camp over night. Leaving Seal Harbour, you will round Davidson’s Point en route to Coddles Harbour. Looking out to sea you will pass by Country Island located approximately 5.5 km out. It is possible to explore this island during times of clement weather, but only experienced paddlers should attempt this. Passing between the mainland and Coddles Island you will enter Coddles Harbour. Staying to the left of the island, and rounding a point of land, you will see a small wharf with a boat launch area that marks the end of this journey.

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