Dover Shrine Trail

Following Hwy 16 east, turn right onto the road to Little Dover. Entering the village, continue straight until you reach St. Agnes Parish on your right, where you may park your vehicle. Facing the church, and walking to the left, you will find the grassy path at the back left corner of the property.

Special Features:

St. Agnes Shrine, 14 Stations of the Cross

Length: 2 km return
Time: 2 Hours
Type: Forest path, ATV trail
Facilities: None
Nearby: Canso
Rating: 3


Visit Guysborough: Dover ShrineAt the trail head there are discarded items to the side, which should not discourage you from continuing. Soon along the trail you reach a plateau highlighted by exposed granite amongst berry patches. Here the path branches in two directions. The path to the left is a side trail which will take you to the site of the shrine. Following the trail through the fields and brush, you will soon come to an arched bridge, bringing into view the garden arbor introducing the site of St. Agnes shrine site. A natural rock structure serves as a platform which cradles a statue of the Virgin Mary which is showing signs of age of weather. A sense of times long since past washes over you as you gaze upon the fading and peeling painted likeness, humbled amongst the tangled thorns and branches of encroaching brush. A well to the side holds water where individuals may bless themselves, and a bench looks away from the shrine towards the village below. Leaving the site you will notice a mossy overgrown path to the left, further identified by a roman numeral one posted on a tree a short distance in. This path counts the fourteen Stations of the Cross as it curves along a steep embankment. At the top of the hill the path opens upon a gusty summit where stands a large cross cabled to a boulder. Towards the back of the boulder, a ladder is securely bolted, where explorers may climb to gain a spectacular panoramic view of the local area. Overlooking the village of Little Dover, the hill is encompassed by Snyders Lake, Moose Lake, Kavanaughs Lake and Dover Lake, as well as Dover Harbour which stretches out towards the Atlantic.

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