Country Harbour to Bezanson’s Beach Paddle Route

From the TC 104, take Exit 35 at Lower South River just past Antigonish. Following Route 316 to Goshen turn left at the intersection. Travel 22 km along route 316 to Country Harbour. Once there look for a steel bridge on the right side of the road, the perfect place to put your boat in the water.

Special Features:

Country Harbour is one of Canada’s deepest natural harbours, and was home to some of the earliest settlers to Guysborough County. A group of United Empire Loyalists landed in this area in the late 1700’s and chose Mount Misery, a large looming peak over the harbour, as their first place of residence. It is a name that aptly describes their experience in this place and is echoed by the German gun ship that during WWII is said to have steamed its way into this harbour and promptly turned around and left. A popular route currently being reconstructed in this area was originally traversed by Loyalists. You can also visit Salsman Provincial Park, Carding Mill Brook waterfalls, and a cable drawn ferry that operates year round.

Length: 34 km return
Time: 2 days
Type: Tidal, saltwater harbour
Facilities: Campground, picnic tables, garbage cans, toilets, payphone, fire pits
Nearby: Country Harbour, Stormont
Rating: Intermediate


Visit Guysborough: Country HarbourFrom the iron bridge in Country Harbour, paddle toward the narrows of the harbour. Along this portion of the route you will drift past high cliffs as you approach Widow Point. Once there you may encounter some dense seaweed at low tide and caution should be exercised. Continuing on you will arrive at Salsman Provincial Park, which is an excellent place to stop for lunch, have a campfire or stay the night. In this area you may witness bald eagles, hawks and falcons soaring above. In the small cove surrounding the park you may stop and explore Hog Island and Long Island, beyond which, you will come to Halletts Point. Cook Cove and Freemans Cove are also along this route and are great secluded areas to venture into and explore. Just before reaching the site of the historic Loyalist settlement you will encounter Wilson Island and Leggatte Point. Continuing on, you will pass Mount Misery on your right, one of the highest elevations along this route. Next you will pass the cable drawn ferry that transports vehicles from one side of the harbour to the other. You must use caution when passing the ferry. Nearing the end of this route the harbour will begin to widen as you approach its mouth. You will land at beautiful Bezansons Beach that is nestled along the shore of Harbour Point.

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