Berry Head Light Trail

Traveling east along Route 16 from Guysborough, turn right at the Larrys River turnoff, onto the road to Larry’s River. Travel approximately 30 km to Larrys River, and 5 km beyond, arriving at a stop sign. Turn left toward Tor Bay Provincial Park. Cross the causeway and park near the first dirt road on your right.

Special Features:

By the late 1770s, the area surrounding Tor Bay was settled by Acadians. The villages of Larrys River, Havre Melasse (later changed to Port Felix) and Charlos Cove were created. A century later, there were almost 700 Acadian descendants living in the area. In 1874, the Direct United States Cable Company began laying trans-Atlantic cable from a station in Tor Bay, connecting Rye Beach, New Hampshire and England. Complications with the trans-Atlantic cable resulted in the line not being completed or operational until 1876. At that time the Faraday cable station was founded near Berry Head and a road was built to connect this community to the village of Tor Bay. The cable station was abandoned when the company moved its headquarters to Halifax, and by 1887 Faraday was a deserted village. The Berry Head Light Station was established in 1876 to protect the communities surrounding Tor Bay. There are many sheltered inlets and coves along this coastal hike.

Length: 8 km return
Time: 6 Hours
Type: Coastal, wet areas
Facilities: None
Nearby: Larry’s River
Rating: 4 (wading, wet areas)



Visit Guysborough: Berry Head Light TrailBeginning your walk at the first dirt road past the causeway in Tor Bay, travel to a large open area where cranberries are abundant. This area is also accessible from Tor Bay Provincial Park, by walking to the left along the beach to the cranberry barrens. Continuing on, you will approach a picturesque cove. Walk to the left around the cove and continue on to an adjacent small cove, which can be difficult at times during high tides. Caution should be taken as you proceed along the gravel shoreline on this section of the hike. You will encounter small coves and inlets, where many species of waterfowl are abundant. This area consists of barrens and woodlands and is home to deer, moose and birds of prey. As you round Rodmans Point, you will have a clear view of the Berry Head Light Station.  After absorbing the the amazing view for a while, head back the way you came.

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