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Want to support Visit Guysborough ensuring we have the most complete business directory? Buying an ad helps keep our site current and well maintained, while also exposing your brand to thousands of site visitors.

Currently, ads are available for the low price of $120 + HST.

  • Advertisement spots are available displayed on the site for one year.
  • Ads are in full color and measure 220px by 120px
  • Ads can link to the site of your choice
  • Tracking statistics will be kept showing the number of impressions and clicks each ad receives.
  • Your ad will target consumers living in and traveling through Guysborough County and Eastern Mainland Nova Scotia
  • Ads are fully mobile friendly and are equally visible on mobile devices

Please contact us today to become an advertiser and help support this site.

Frequently Asked Questions: Advertisements

Below you can find the most common questions in regards to advertising on Visit Guysborough.

Why are you selling ad space when you only show three ads?

Three ads are shown at any time. With every page reload the site calculates the relative exposure of every active ad and ensures that each ad is seen equally over any given time frame. In order to ensure equal and fair exposure we limit the number of ads we will run at any time to twelve.

I visited the site and my ad isnt showing, what gives?

The site shows new ads every time a new page is loaded. These ads are chosen based on the relative exposure of all ads. In an effort to keep statistics accurate and reduce the load on the site, new ads are only chosen after a brief interval has passed. Rapidly hitting the refresh / reload key will not show you new ads automatically. So relax, browse the sites and your ad will appear shortly.